link checker

link checker

link checker-Page Checked Cheetah website links to host files

Checking links, through this page, you can check broken, broken, or broken links in a correct sense
An example of this:

In the event that you uploaded several files to your account, And it is difficult for you to search between files on those deleted and broken files, This page gives you the status of all q, your account links in one payment and then check, After that, the broken, broken, and broken links will appear in a different color from the valid links,

How is the repair done

First: Delete the damaged link (file) from your account permanently,

Second: Upload a file with the same name and the same content, if you liked the same content and it is possible to change the content,

Third: Contact us and provide us with the old file link and the new file link,

Fourth: After reviewing the necessary information for both the old and new links We will remove the old link’s serial number and replace it with the new link’s serial number After that, the new file link will be the same as the new file link, with the content of the file changing or not,

Use this page to check whether multiple download links are still active. Enter up to 200 urls below, a new one on each line and click 'Check Files'